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Coronavirus Safety Guidelines

Coronavirus Safety Guidelines
  • Everyone must wear a mask covering both their nose and mouth the whole time while on the ice and in the building (except when taking a drink by the back boards).
  • Masks should be well fit (snug around the face, not too tight but also not loose).
  • Cloth masks should have at least two layers of cloth.
  • Face shields, bandanas, and neck gaiters are not allowed (unless you wear a mask underneath).
  • The only exception to keeping the mask on is when taking a drink - all drinks should be placed against the back boards, and refrain from talking when your mask is off.
  • You may want to bring a couple masks to see which would work best for you while curling
  • Some tips for preventing foggy glasses include:
    • Ensure your mask is well fit
    • Use a mask with a metal band in the nose
    • Try to wear your mask high on your nose under your glasses
    • Use athletic tape to tape the mask to the bridge of your nose
    • Again, bring a couple masks to try out to see which works best with glasses
Physical Distancing:
  • We will implement physical distancing measures in the stands and on the ice. Try to remain at least six feet from players at all times. And remember, even in non-COVID times, only vice-skips are allowed in the house after the completion of an end to decide the score—resist the urge to join them and give them space.
  • No handshakes, elbow taps, or other physical contact are permitted (but do say 'Good Curling!').
  • Hammer and color will be predetermined and listed on the score sheet.

Sweeping Restrictions:

  • Only one sweeper may sweep a rock at a given time. Failing to do this will be treated the same as accidentally touching a rock.
  • The teammate who is not sweeping should try to maintain at least 6 feet away from the active sweeper. This teammate may help the team by following the rock down the ice, using a stopwatch, judging weight, and communicating with the skip/vice at the playing end.

Ice Utilization:

  • We will utilize only sheets 1, 3, and 5 to enable physical distancing.
  • Leave sheets 2 and 4 empty to support physical distancing between games. 


  • Only current, dues-paying members are allowed to sub. Visit our website's Member Home to share your subbing availability or to find a sub.

 COVID Exposure and Positivity

This document may be updated as the season progresses.


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