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League Points System

Points will be assigned to teams in leagues based on the following:

Win: 3 points
Win (skip draw): 2 points
Loss (skip draw): 1 point
Tie (skip draw not played): 1 point
Loss: 0 points
Each league may determine its championship differently dependent upon the number of teams and weeks. For example, some leagues may be a simple round robin while other leagues may have divisions or end with a semi-finals and finals matchups. Points will be used to determine standings and seeding.
In addition to scores, teams will report on scoresheets how many ends are played after each game. The number of ends played will be tracked throughout the league and used to determine tiebreaker scenarios (see below). Games that end with an early concession count as 8 ends played.
League Tiebreakers
Ties in the standings will be broken in the following order:
  1. Win/Loss points accrued in head-to-head matches.
  2. Games won in regulation matches (ie, non-skip draw games).
  3. Average number of ends played (pace of gameplay).
  4. Coin flip.

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